Information for filmmakers

The INDEPENDENT DAYS|International Film Festival Karlsruhe sees itself as a platform for independent filmmakers who produce art house and indie films.


As one of the leading European film festivals, we have clearly focused on independently produced films. Last but not least, the European Union has confirmed that we are spot on with our film selection and the resulting high-quality program, which awarded us the "EFFE" label - "Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe" for the first time in 2017, the proud bearer of which we are to this day.


Every year we offer around 160 films the opportunity to present themselves to the public. In the unique atmosphere of our festival cinema, Die Schauburg, we show both short and feature-length film productions of fictional and documentary nature and are committed to the diversity of genres in cinema.


The exchange between filmmakers and viewers is particularly valuable every year, because the medium of film always exerts a unique mixture of fascination and curiosity on everyone involved.