our presenters

© SWR/Peter A. Schmidt
© SWR/Peter A. Schmidt

Markus Brock

As a TV presenter, Markus reaches a large audience. In addition to his work on television, he presents festivals and hosts award shows.

Marc Ephraim

Marc Ephraim has been hosting events, fairs and gala performances for many years. He also built up a reputation for being a styling expert.

© Bernd Hentschel
© Bernd Hentschel

Nadine Knobloch

The only female presenter at Independent Days has been part of the filmfest for five years. Being a professional actress, Nadine enjoys to be in front of the camera as well as in front of the audience.


Dr. Oliver Langewitz

Is there anyone else knowing more about our festival's programme than the festival director himself? That is why he will present some of the films personally.


Sven Eric Maier

His passion for film led him to scriptwriting and establishing the only YouTube channel dealing with it in Germany. Besides writing, Sven also likes to talk about films.