The INDEPENDENT DAYS take place at Schauburg film theater.


The arthouse cinema in the southern part of Karlsruhe is more than 90 years old, the oldest cinema and theater in the city and extremely popular among the people of Karlsruhe as a traditional cinema.


Its elaborately designed interior brings the splendor and glamour of bygone times back to life and is always a popular photo motif for our visitors. The golden walls, the ruby red velvet curtains and the highly polished chandeliers never fail to amaze our visitors.


In 2007 the INDEPENDENT DAYS moved to this venue and as it turned out the Schauburg should be the ideal place for an independent film festival like ours.


If you don't want to miss out on this unique atmosphere, come by and immerse yourself in nostalgia, the smell of popcorn and film love with us!