about us

photos by FugeFoto

Dr. Oliver Langewitz

festival director



The man, the myth, the legend - no one knows the INDEPENDENT DAYS better than he does. His film consumption is a Guinness Book record and should definitely be entered in the same!



And since no one knows films and their associated genres as well as Oliver, there is no better man at the top of our festival.



Nadine Knobloch

festival management


The only lady in our team can offer film experience both in front of and behind the camera. As a trained actress she has not only seen many films, but has also acted in quite a few herself.


Together with her unbeatable talent for organization and languages - Nadine speaks six languages - she always has an overview of the festival.

Benjamin Herkert

trailer production

Dr. Michael Bentz

festival technician


It doesn't matter whether it's a tangle of cables, a server that doesn't work or a jungle of file formats - our Michel (no, no typo) has a solution for every technical problem.


As a real independent film freak, he is just as much an INDEPENDENT DAYS veteran as Oliver.

Bernd Strehhuber

festival technician


Affectionately called "The man with the tablet" by us, Bernd always knows which of your films will be shown next in our programme.


You can easily tell whether you're sitting next to him in the cinema by the glowing screen on his lap, since he's the only one who is expressly allowed to use his mobile device during the performance.


looking after guests



Our little Lola is not only the mascot of our film festival, but also extremely popular with all our guests. As a squeaky pug girl, she always creates a good mood and it's no wonder that she has her own Instagram account (take a look yourself: lola_the_pug_girl).


And if she doesn't feel like mingling with all the hoomans, she simply retreats to her basket and takes a well deserved nap.