Dear audience,


It doesn't matter whether the cinema is occupied to the last seat or whether the pens run out in the voting for the audience award because of the sheer enthusiasm for voting or whether we throw ourselves together into the turmoil of filmmakers and film fans: You already guessed it - without you we are nothing.



That's why we thank you for more than 20 years of loyalty (whoo, we're that old already 👀), the conversations with you, your laughter, your fever of involvement and of course for your applause.


For continuing to celebrate independent filmmaking together, you will find all the important information about tickets and the programme here during the festival. If necessary, you can also write to us using our contact form or simply come to our information counter in the foyer of the Schauburg.


We look forward to your visit this year and can guarantee that our festival will be legendary again this time!


See you very soon,