Independent Days| International Filmfest (IDIF)

Corona-Virus: Festival canceled

Due to the current developments regarding the spread of the corona virus, we have to cancel the INDEPENDENT DAYS | 20. International Film Festival Karlsruhe. In the past few weeks we have hoped that we can implement the film festival at the beginning of April 2020 with appropriate hygiene and protection measures on site according to the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute. The developments of the past few days have shown that this is impossible, so we decided with a heavy heart to take this step.


Filmmakers from all over the world had announced themselves as an international film festival. The situation has worsened again yesterday with the classification of the French region of Grand Est, since Karlsruhe, on the one hand, with its location near the border, has to protect itself particularly against further expansion, and this against the background that the festival organizers also have visitors from the Alsace expected. On the other hand, this affects several program points of the festival, since guests from Karlsruhe's partner city Nancy and Strasbourg were expected to participate as program designers. So these program items could not have taken place.


But the situation has also worsened at many partner institutions. We have received numerous cancellations from filmmakers, partners and guests for days. We also see it as our solidary duty to counteract the rapid spread of the corona virus and thereby protect the weakest members of our society. We now have to monitor the development of the situation in the next few weeks before we aim for a catch-up date, which should take place in autumn this year if possible. It is now important first of all that the situation relaxes, then we will do everything we can to find a suitable new date for the 20th anniversary edition for the INDEPENDENT DAYS together with all partners, so that we can work with you to find a suitable film festival birthday party to celebrate without the dark veil of the corona virus.




Our mascot KARLINA is already preparing for the next edition of our film festival, because in 2020 we celebrate

20 years of independent days!


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Call for Submission

Submissions for our 20th festival edition are now closed. Please note that we cannot accept any more films.

Dear friends of independent film,


Welcome to the Independent Days International Filmfest (IDIF). This international Film Festival presents films that reflect the whole spectrum of Independent Cinema.


We screen shorts and feature films of all genres as well as documentaries. The best films are being awarded, currently there are 11 award categories. The total amount of our price money is 10,000 Euro.


We are looking forward to your films and are hoping to welcome you in 2019!



Best regards,

Your festival-team