Independent Days| 24th International Filmfest (IDIF)

Dear friends of independent film!


Welcome to the INDEPENDENT DAYS | International Film Festival Karlsruhe (IDIF). Our focus is on independent film productions from all over the world and we show short films as well as documentary and scenic feature films. We have created a platform for film students and professional filmmakers who show how great films can be created without the support of major film and TV studios with little financial means.

The professional filmmakers here are not oriented towards mainstream cinema, but tell their stories in a creative, inspiring and refreshing way. They take up current topics and use the entire spectrum of modern filmmaking with a fine feel for emotional film material in order to conjure them up on the screen.

The diversity of genres is also important to us, something that many major film producers and TV stations shy away from, especially in Germany and Europe. We are committed to a cinema that can overcome the limits of reality with courage and self-confidence and reflect on the strengths of storytelling. The INDEPENDENT DAYS show a film programme that reflects the entire spectrum of independent cinema.

On the following pages you will find everything about our festival. We are looking forward to welcoming you live in the audience or on the screen and hope you enjoy exploring our festival online!

Best regards,
Your IDIF festival team