Workshop 2: Master Class music for independent film


Scoring for independent films? Here more than elsewhere, the composer has to surf through difficulties finding the way to exist, despite the fact that her/his music, this “unknown and invisible actor”, tends to be much more important than in any other movie format… Lyricism, one of the most difficult goals of music for the screen, is often a vital feature, which definitely needs to be highlighted and supported alike or maybe even more than any other musical project.


«Speaking» with music, when financial resources are hard to get on the doorstep, becomes often an obstacle course. Where are the solutions? How to find the “only” one able to create the music for your unique project? How to work together? Which are the means to support her/his contribution?



This master class will present ways how to find musical partners and will give film students, directors and producers a roadmap regarding financial aspects and possible sources of subsidies.


Gilles Tinayre


Born 1951, film music composer and arranger Gilles Tinayre has worked with multiple film directors (including Ken Russell for "The Lair of the White Worm"). He has composed music scores for multiple films and television productions, including the "Crossbow" series with major international orchestras. He recorded his score for "The Bastard of God" with the London Symphonic Orchestra, as well as the "Marc Eliot" series music with renowned rock bands.


Gilles' other work includes the scores for films such as "Chok Dee", "Iznogoud", "Le Parrain" and "Chouchou". He has written and arranged music for several TV series (including "One and One Make Six" and "Music'Art"), composed and arranged musicals such as "Bernadette de Nevers", contributed several albums to music archives (including "Faces of Balkans", "Dramedy & Beats", "Playful Melodies") and written music for worldwide events such as the Dubai World Cup in 2007 and 2013.


Before becoming President of the Union of Film Music Composers (UCMF) from 2005 to 2008, Gilles had developed and maintained its educational department since its founding in 2002. General Delegate to the Centennnial Committee of Film Music and a partner with SACEM and SACD. Gilles works with his own production tools in a professional state-of-the-art studio, where he writes and records most of his original music. He has acted as the head of Film Music Department at Music Academy International (M.A.I.) in Nancy since 2009, becoming its supervising instructor since 2014.


date: April, 7th 2017

time: 11:30 am

place: Schauburg

access: accreditation-owners, students